Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site?

This is a meme generator and archive of meme templates built specifically for Hololive and the Hololive subreddit. All of the meme templates are created and shared by the community.

Disclaimer: This is a fansite and is not affiliated with Hololive.

What are HoloGra Screencaps?

These are automatically generated screencaps of the Hololive Graffiti YouTube series and other notable Holive videos.

The algorithm compares the difference between each frame and only saves the frames that have high probabilities of scene transitions. As a result, these screencaps do not include every memorable or meme-able scene.

Why is X not on this site?

You may have noticed that this site doesn't have every meme format shared on the subreddit. I have only included meme templates that meet the following criteria:

  • The template is composed of the talents' character models or screenshots from their streams
  • The template is from the Hololive Graffiti YouTube series
  • For fanart based memes:
    1. I can identify the original artist
    2. There is a link to the artist (i.e. their original post on Reddit, Twitter, Pixiv, etc.)
    3. The artist has stated that their works are free for making memes

How do I suggest a new meme template?

If a meme meets the above criteria but isn't on this site, then it's possible that I just haven't seen it yet. Please share your meme templates on either /r/Hololive or /r/HololiveMemeTemplates. I lurk in both subreddits and usually add new templates whenever I have time on the weekends.

I am an artist. How do I remove my work posted here?

I'm sorry that a meme was added to this site against your wishes. While I try my best to perform due diligence in verifying the memes that get added, I still make mistakes from time to time.

Please message me on my social media and I'll remove it as soon as possible: